What are the best driveway pavers or paving to use?

Block paving is designed to be driven on with depths from 50mm up to 80mm especially designed for differing load bearing quality’s, permeable block paving , resin bound aggregate and specially designed porcelain can all be used in creating your dream driveway.

What are the best driveway pavers or paving to use?

Choosing a driveway installation company can be a minefield of choice in your local area, choosing a company that has work booked in and a waiting list of several months is normal and you should be happy to wait for the right installation team. One of the biggest things to look for include previous work and here at Perfect Pave we can show you an array of high end installations we have carried out in your local area.  The next thing is the guarantee on the work installed ours for example is 6 years, the address of the company and whether they have a showroom or yard to find them for advice and aftercare of your driveway. A company you can trust for your aftercare and help in finding products and providing samples is a must along with the services they offer in terms of Permeable driveways ,Block paved driveways , Tarmacking, and the instillation of Resin bound surfaces will give you an array of options to choose from.

What are the best Driveway paving stones to use?

Driveway pavers come in a variety of depths but a standard domestic driveway with weights not exceeding 3.5 ton will be installed using 50mm or 60mm driveway pavers, Commercial block paving driveways and heavy traffic areas will be installed using 80mm driveway paving. Permeable driveways offer the chance to install hard standing and may be advised by us or your local council to be installed in a situation where water runoff is not permissible. Permeable block paving and standard driveway pavers come in a variety of different colour and style options and we can advise on the most suitable product for your driveway paving with the look you are hoping to achieve.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a driveway cost?

This will depend on many factors including overall area, the access and the type of driveway paving you choose. We will be happy to offer advice and a free no obligation quote for your driveway installation.

Which are the best driveway pavers?

This will depend on your budget and the look you are going for. We have a huge selection here at perfect Pave and they can be viewed in our indoor showroom. We will be happy to discuss this further with you depending on the overall look you are going for.

How thick should pavers be for a driveway?

Standard domestic driveway paving should be 50mm or 60mm in depth or commercial or Heavy traffic areas should be constructed using 80mm driveway pavers.

What last longer concrete or paving driveways?

We would not recommend using any paving slabs other than a specifically designed one for a driveway, General Paving slabs are designed for foot traffic only as laid as part of a patio. Block paving constructed from concrete are durable and long lasting, natural stone block paving is another option that will provide a different look and last a lifetime.

Can I lay pavers on just sand?

Yes block paving driveways are constructed on to a bed of sand, the area should be dug out to allow for a base layer of at least 200mm of type one MOT and approximately 30 to 50mm of sharp or grit sand layer compacted to lay the block paving on to. We don’t however advocate the use of sand underneath paving slabs; these should be laid on a full wet bed of Mortar and a slurry primer applied to the underneath of each slab to aid with adhesion.

How long do driveways last?

A drive is only as good as its foundations, A well-constructed driveway should last for 10 to 15 years without movement after this period it will start to move slightly as the ground underneath changes and moves over a prolonged of time, Changes in the appearance of the product used in the construction will weather and change a different rates depending on which product is chosen.

Can porcelain be used for Driveways?

Yes there are specific Porcelains on the market for application on driveways, We supply this along with many other Porcelain designed for patios only so please ask if your choice of porcelain would be suitable for a driveway.

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